Trolling Ballyhoo with Fishizzle Trolling Lures and Where Do Ballyhoo Come From

8th Feb 2014

      As any seasoned East Coast fisherman knows and will tell you, Ballyhoo is an essential and localized Southern live bait source that is used for live bait fishing throughout the lower Southeastern and Gulf Shores of the United States down into the Caribbean and South America's where it can be caught and fished in its natural habitats. Every year masses of Frigate Birds can be found gorging themselves on the massive Ballyhoo Schools off the Florida Coast and South into the Caribbean, this is where and when Ballyhoo are harvested then flash frozen and packaged for later sale to your local bait & tackle dealers throughout the US and beyond. This fairly recent packaging has brought frozen Ballyhoo as a bait source to many US regions from the East Coast to the West Coast that never before were able to fish this great bait as it was not a native species to their regions waters.

Ballyhoo are a fairly remarkable and dependable bait if you think about it. Think to yourself as to all the places you've trolled with Ballyhoo and ask yourself, "have you ever seen a live Ballyhoo there?" Most all will answer no to this question, unless fishing in Florida of course. This being noted, Ballyhoo when rigged up with a trolling lure will work pretty much any region you troll them, even in waters they are not native. This one thought was the key factor in the design of the Fishizzle Ballyhead™ Lure. It's head shape is modeled after a Ballyhoo's head shape, it's eye' guessed it, Ballyhoo eyes! Add this head design to our 5" Fishizzle Flash Skirts and you've got one Ballyhoo Mocking, Wahoo Whacking, Tuna Slapping, Mahi Slinging Lure! Checkout this design in the image below then click the image to purchase in our online store and add some Ballyheads to your offshore trolling spread today.

                                        Ballyhead Trolling Lures